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Loopback Check Tool

This is the first version of the Loopback Check Tool
A tool that will help enable, disable and configure safe URL's as exclusions to the loopback check.
Exclusions is Method 1 in Microsoft's Knowledgebase article: kb896861

The tool will allow you to add and remove URL's to the exclusions list easily, same as enabling or disabling the function completely.

Hopefully, this Little tool will help us all choose method 1 over method 2 in the future, making our Environments a Little safer.


To Disable the Loopback check, click on the button 'Disable'. This will instantly disable the feature and the security protection is gone. You do not have to save or Close to commit Changes.

To Enable the Loopback check, click on the button 'Enable'. Same as for disable, its instant.

To add a url to the 'Excluded list', type in the URL you have confgured as a hostheader/Binding on your site without protocol or port, ''
Click on Add.
The URL will then be added to the 'Loopback check exclusions' list
Add as many URLs as you need.

Select a line in the  'Loopback check exclusions' list and click on Remove to remove the line, clicking on 'Save list to Registry' will commit the Changes to registry

Save list to Registry
Click on 'Save list to registry' to commit Changes made to the list.

Currently in Registry
The list 'Currently in Registry' will reflect the Changes made to the registry.

Automatically Enable Loopback Check when saving entries
If 'Automatically Enable Loopback Check when saving entries' is checked, the Loopback Check function will be enabled when you save Changes to the list, using 'Save list to Registry' or 'Save and Close'

Save and Close
Saves all Changes made to the list, enabled the loopback check function and Closes the application.

Closes the Application without saving or changing any settings uncomitted.

Green/Red box

The indicators On/Off and the Green/Red box shows the current status of the Loopback Check feature.

Thomas Balkeståhl


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